Whether language profile should be bundled or not?

I’m going to support maven for language-detection, but I have some troubles about language profiles…

language-detection have separated language profiles from jar file because they are lots of (meanwhile jar without profiles has only 100KB around, jar with ones has over 1MB.)
However there are some reasonable requests that want to bundle them in jar file.

  • Profile-separated one makes the application know the installed directory.
  • Hadoop can’t distribute language profiles outside jar file.
  • I want to register the library into Maven Central, then profile-bundled one is more useful.

And a user told me how to generate jar file with selected profiles with maven’s template, so a developer who hope the slim-size library can generate a jar file with necessary profiles only (also no profiles!).

Then I begin to consider that the jar file packaged in language-detection library can bundle all language profiles. How do you think?

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4 Responses to Whether language profile should be bundled or not?

  1. Radim Kolar says:

    just bundle all of them. 1M in nothing in Java world and yes, it will be highly usefull to be able pull this library from maven repo.

  2. Sven says:

    I agree, better to bundle all of them
    (you can still make a light version later on and store both in the maven repo)

  3. Bundle them all together in one jar file. In the end it is easier to handle and to manage.

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