langdetect is updated(added profiles of Estonian / Lithuanian / Latvian / Slovene, and so on)

My language detection library “langdetect” was updated.

The added features are the following:

  • Added 4 language profiles of Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Slovene.
  • Supported retrieving a list of loaded language profiles as getLangList()
  • Supported generating a language profile from plain text

and fixed some bugs.

Then I published a test data set for 21 languages based on Europarl Parallel Corpus ( ) so that anyone are able to verify the library on the same condition.

It randomly samples 1000 sentences(lines) for each language from Europarl corpus.
Each line forms “[language code]\t[plain text by UTF-8]” to be avaiable for batch test tool of this langdetect library.
Europarl corpus has some of very short sentence(e.g. 2 words only!) that langdetect is not very good at. I remained them for fairness! šŸ˜€

Then the following is a result with this test data.

bg (985/1000=0.99): {bg=985, ru=4, mk=11}
cs (993/1000=0.99): {sk=6, en=1, cs=993}
da (971/1000=0.97): {da=971, no=28, en=1}
de (998/1000=1.00): {de=998, da=1, af=1}
el (1000/1000=1.00): {el=1000}
en (997/1000=1.00): {fr=1, en=997, nl=1, af=1}
es (995/1000=1.00): {pt=4, en=1, es=995}
et (996/1000=1.00): {de=1, fi=2, et=996, af=1}
fi (998/1000=1.00): {fi=998, et=2}
fr (998/1000=1.00): {it=1, sv=1, fr=998}
hu (999/1000=1.00): {id=1, hu=999}
it (998/1000=1.00): {it=998, es=2}
lt (998/1000=1.00): {lv=2, lt=998}
lv (999/1000=1.00): {pt=1, lv=999}
nl (977/1000=0.98): {de=1, sv=1, nl=977, af=21}
pl (999/1000=1.00): {pl=999, nl=1}
pt (994/1000=0.99): {it=1, hu=1, pt=994, en=1, es=3}
ro (999/1000=1.00): {ro=999, fr=1}
sk (987/1000=0.99): {sl=2, sk=987, ro=1, lt=1, et=1, cs=8}
sl (972/1000=0.97): {hr=27, sl=972, en=1}
sv (990/1000=0.99): {da=2, no=8, sv=990}
total: 20843/21000 = 0.993

This is obtained by batchtest tool.

java -jar lib/langdetect.jar -d profiles -s 0 --batchtest europarl.test

The random seed(-s) is set to 0 for reproduce.

Hence Danish(da), Dutch(nl) and Slovene(sl) are very similar to Norwegian(no), Afrikaans(af) and Croatian(hr) respectively, their detection accuracies are lower than others.
(While Norwegian has some proper letters which are not used in Dutch, so its accuracy leaves higher)

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2 Responses to langdetect is updated(added profiles of Estonian / Lithuanian / Latvian / Slovene, and so on)

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  2. Margus Waffa says:

    Thank You for this work!

    I come across your work when reading presentation in
    Lets hope we will resolve all the problems on time.

    Many needed sites and sites of users, on public web should also have an option on cPanel and notified by email, that main server would them self make a copy of sites and send copy to archive centre by pipe made for that.

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