Extract body from Project Gutenberg’s text

Project Gutenberg’s texts are convenient to experiment text analysis and information retrieval.
But they have header and footer which are extremely free format…

I tried to write a Ruby script to extract body of Project Gutenberg’s texts with regular expressions.
For Project Gutenberg’s 2003 CD ( published at CD and DVD Project ), its precision is about 98%.

def extract_gp_body(st)
  text = st.gsub(/[ \r]+$/, "") + "\n\n"
  text.gsub!(/<-- .+? -->/m, "")
  text.gsub!(/<HTML>.+?<\/HTML>/mi, "")

  r = /http|internet|project gutenberg|mail|ocr/i
  while text =~ /^(?:.+?END\*{1,2} ?|\*{3} START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG E(?:BOOK|TEXT).*? \*{3}|\*{9}END OF .+?|\*{3} END OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG E(?:BOOK|TEXT).+?|\*{3}START\*.+\*START\*{3}|\**This file should be named .+|\*{5}These [eE](?:Books|texts) (?:Are|Were) Prepared By .+\*{5})$/
    pre, post = $`, $'
    text = if pre.length > post.length*3 then
    elsif post.length > pre.length*3 then
    elsif pre.scan(r).length < post.scan(r).length

  text.gsub!(/^(?:Executive Director's Notes:|\[?Transcriber's Note|PREPARER'S NOTE|\[Redactor's note|\{This e-text has been prepared|As you may be aware, Project Gutenberg has been involved with|[\[\*]Portions of this header are|A note from the digitizer|ETEXT EDITOR'S BOOKMARKS|\[NOTE:|\[Project Gutenberg is|INFORMATION ABOUT THIS E-TEXT EDITION\n+|If you find any errors|This electronic edition was|Notes about this etext:|A request to all readers:|Comments on the preparation of the E-Text:|The base text for this edition has been provided by).+?\n(?:[\-\*]+)?\n\n/mi, "")
  text.gsub!(/^[\[\n](?:[^\[\]\n]+\n)*[^\n]*(?:Project\sGutenberg|\setext\s|\s[A-Za-z0-9]+@[a-z\-]+\.(?:com|net))[^\n]*(?:\n[^\[\]\n]+)*[\]\n]$/i, "")
  text.gsub!(/\{The end of etext of .+?\}/, "")
  text = text.strip + "\n\n"

  text.gsub!(/^(?:(?:End )?(?:of ?)?(?:by |This |The )?Project Gutenberg(?:'s )?(?:Etext)?|This (?:Gutenberg )?Etext).+?\n\n/mi, "")
  text.gsub!(/^(?:\(?E?-?(?:text )?(?:prepared|Processed|scanned|Typed|Produced|Edited|Entered|Transcribed|Converted) by|Transcribed from|Scanning and first proofing by|Scanned and proofed by|This e-text|This EBook of|Scanned with|This Etext created by|This eBook was (?:produced|updated) by|Image files scanned in by|\[[^\n]*mostly scanned by).+?\n\n/mi, "")

  return text

Original Japanese article: Extract body of Project Gutenberg’s text

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