Implementations of URI Templates in various languages

Before the URI Templates implementation in C++/Xbyak, I researched implementations of URI Templates.

Python (Joe Gregorio himself’s experimental implementation)
Ruby – Addressable
Ruby – uri-templates
Javascript – url_template
Javascript – Template
Perl – URI::Template
.NET – UriTemplate
PHP – URI_Template
Java – Apache Abdera
Java – Metanotion URLMapper
Erlang – uri-template
C++ – URITemplates

Some of them implement “extract” method which isn’t mentioned by URI Templates specifications. Now “extract” means extraction of parameters from URI.
To me, URI Templates is valuable if it implements extend and extract both. Because we often need to generate and parse the same format URIs when our application meets connectivity(connectedness). Of course, we can generate URI by string join and parse by regular expressions, but are prone to mistake in changing format.
So I hope that URI Templates include “extract” specifications. It’ll bring about restriction of templates, however…(e.g. Extraction by template “{foo}{bar}” isn’t well defined.)

Original Japanese article: Implementations of URI Templates in various languages

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